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Your travel with Courtyard Tours is a bundle of exhilarating experiences. On your bespoke travel look forward to the following

Expert Guided Travel - Learn about the destination from the very best as they travel along with you.

Artiste and Artisan Interactions - Converse with these communities and get a glimpse of the cultural and artistic pride of these lands.

Heritage Resorts and Luxury Hotels - Stay at Heritage Resorts and Luxury Hotels for a relaxing slumber post an adventurous day.

Culinary Encounters - Indulge in the local cuisines of your destination.

Local Transportation - Travel hassle free as we hire you a private vehicle to take you around your destination.

Immerse in South Indian heritage through art, architecture, mythology, history, food and people!

Packages and Pricing

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The price of your Trail or Tour is based on multiple factors like travel dates, number of travelers, accommodation and choice of transportation. The pricing categories given below are to give an approximate estimate of your travel. As we prioritise personalising your travel, these prices are subject to change based on your preferences.


A classic package includes authentic local culinary experiences, a private vehicle for local transportation, an expert guide, and accommodation at a mid-range Hotel or Heritage Resort within a reasonable price range in comparison to the Luxury package.
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Starts At 10,000 - 15,000 / person / day *
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This package includes specially curated meals, a private luxury vehicle for local transportation, an expert guide, accommodation at a luxury hotel or a top end heritage resort and local cultural performances presented just for you.
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Starts At 20,000   & above/ person / day *
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  • * Please note that the prices above are based on double occupancy. Single occupancy is likely to cost higher. These packages and pricings are designed for groups not exceeding 6 members. The pricing is not inclusive of the travel expense to and fro to the destination. The pricing is not inclusive of taxes.
  • We require a small preliminary itinerary design fee. For more details, contact us.

Mother of history, grandmother of legend, great-grandmother of traditions, whose yesterday’s bear date with the modering antiquities for the rest of nations-the one sole country under the sun that is endowed with an imperishable interest for the alien prince and alien peasant...

Pick your experience

Choose how you wish to experience South India from our list Heritage Trails, Pilgrimage Tours, Festival Trails, and One-day Trails.


Heritage Trails

You experience destinations through history in all its facets including art, architecture, language, cuisine, handicrafts, performing arts & more.

Heritage Trails


Pilgrimage Tours

Tour the Holy and Sacred Lands of South India and trigger the calm within as you learn the legends, mythology and ritual practices of the place.


Festival Trails

Witness the special rituals centered around a festival in all its delight, euphorium and frenzy on these trails.



One-Day Trails

Visit the highlights of a destination in a tight bundle of selective experiences within 24 hours.

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